Monday, 9 June 2014

Fitting it all in

Good afternoon!

I am having a great day, feeling productive! It started with some studying, then a three mile run and breakfast before going to work. On days like today, it seems like cramming everything that I want to do in one day is no problem 
But what happens when life happens? When friends invite you over, when family comes to visit, when the dog poops on the bed (knock on wood, it hasn't happened in a while) or when work gets crazy? 

I don't have all the answers. It's a constant juggling act. Marathon training, work, friends, husband, walking the dog, studying for my nutrition diploma, yoga, baking, cooking, and still finding time to "turn my brain off" with, aherm...reality shows. Oh yeah, and now blogging. I am aiming to post at least 2 or 3 times a week - we'll see how this goes!

I had a relaxing evening last night, having a simple dinner (baked sweet potato and a big salad).

I poked garlic into the sweet potato before baking it for extra flavor :)

I also prepped dinner for tonight, because I work until late and I know I'll be starving after work (and yes, The Husband could be cooking dinner, but I just really felt like cooking last night). 

I made chickpea patties, that we'll just have to barbeque (well, I say "we" but I'll make The Husband do it - he's the BBQ master).

I also made whole wheat buns. It was my first time using only whole wheat flour instead of half whole wheat and half white - I think they turned out fine but I didn't get to try them, so I'm eager to see what they will be like for dinner tonight!

I will post the recipes later this week, so check back in a few days!

I'm off to study some more on my lunch break. 

Have a wonderfully healthy day!

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